"It's not about you, it's about the character you're portraying"


Over the years, working in the film & TV industry, we've gained an eye for what "IT" is that casting directors look for in a theatrical Head Shot.

Making you stand out

Casting directors aren't looking for how attractive you are in a Head Shot, it's about texture and REALness.

What emotion can we draw from you in just one photo? If we can look through you in an image, what can we feel from you on the big screen?

Do you match the CHARACTERS breakdown?

Today, watching films  are about connecting with the characters. They want you to feel and identify with them. The more relatable you are connecting with their projects target audience, the higher chance you have of booking the role. 

So stop worrying about what your insecurities say back to you in the mirror. There is a role for EVERY type. The more unique, the better!

"We want you to STAND OUT!!"

The real question is; Can you REFLECT this character off in a picture?

How do we achieve this? 


Did you know there are different style of lighting? Lighting a scene is the perfect way to manipulate the mood of your audience. Imagine nailing and capturing the look you're going for, along with the added cinematic lighting style that sets that mood perfectly! Great, now we're "killing two birds with one stone!"

I don't want to go into too much detail here, otherwise, I'd be turning out website into a text book of lighting how-to's. I am very passionate when it comes to lighting, ask any of my clients! 

There are many factors that go into lighting a mood. There are different types of lights, angles, and modifiers that go hand-in-hand to create not only the subject visible in frame, but texture, mood, and quality. Without light going into the lens's there would be nothing to show for. After all, light allows us to see...



Did we mention we play a lot of music during our sessions! So make sure to get your playlist prepared for the looks you're going for, prior to your shoot! Music sets the mood! It changes everything! 

If you're going for that LEAD, love-interest look, your best bet is love songs. Think of that special someone who makes those butterflies swirl around in your stomach. Think how they make you feel, then pause for that shutter click! 

If you're going for that bad-ass chick or jock look, get your favorite rock songs or your favorite's that make you feel strong and powerful.

Trust me, there are many ways to capture emotions and freeze them in time!