Production Coordination

At Black Gate Productions, Production Coordination is seamlessly integrated into every video production project to ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. We manage all logistical aspects, ensuring that schedules, resources, and on-set operations are meticulously aligned with your project goals. This essential service guarantees that every production detail is handled efficiently, allowing our creative team and clients to focus on bringing the vision to life. From troubleshooting unexpected challenges to ensuring timely project completion within budget, our Production Coordination is the cornerstone of a successful shoot, included with every Principal Photography engagement.

Principal Photography

Capture the essence of your story during the principal photography phase—the video shoot. At Black Gate Productions, we tailor our approach to projects of any scale, utilizing trusted in-house equipment for standard shoots and upgrading to state-of-the-art gear for larger budgets. Our directors, cinematographers, and crew ensures every shot is crafted with precision and artistry. Whether capturing a single-day event or navigating the complexities of a multi-day shoot, we manage every detail to bring your vision to life. Hours of shoot time are available in half-day and full-day increments. Half-Day (3-4 Hours) Full Day (8-10 Hours). 

In-House Gear

Elevate your production with our top-notch in-house gear, tailored to deliver professional results across a variety of filming needs. Our camera packages offer stunning 4K video quality, ensuring that every frame is captured with sharp detail and vibrant clarity. Complement your visuals with crystal-clear audio from our versatile microphone setups, including both lavalier and shotgun options, suited for any scene or setting. Illuminate your projects from basic to cinematic with our comprehensive lighting packages. Whether it’s camera, audio recording, or lighting, Black Gate Productions provides the tools you need to enhance your project and engage your audience with impressive visual and auditory fidelity.


Elevate your production possibilities with our green screen service. At Black Gate Productions, we specialize in creating limitless visual environments using state-of-the-art chroma key technology. Whether you're aiming to transport your audience to distant worlds or integrate fantastical elements into your scenes, our green screen setup allows for boundless creativity. We provide the equipment and expertise to ensure a flawless execution, from setup to the final composite. With our green screen technology, the only limit is your imagination—let us help you turn the impossible into the visually spectacular.

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